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I write and publish books on a number of topics that include United States history, gardening and travel. Most of my work centers around my home state of Indiana, however I do other things, also. This substack will include stand-alone articles from my books on these subjects as well as a garden journal and whatever else might strike my fancy. Occasionally I pen some "bad poetry," which many people enjoy, for some reason. Hopefully, this will be as much of an adventure for me as well as you.

You will find all of my books and sample chapters on my web site - Mossy Feet Books

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Readers will find an eclectic mix of articles about history, travel, gardening and whatever other ideas smack me between the ears.


Paul R. Wonning

Indiana author Paul R. Wonning considers himself an "Indiana Hound," because he "sniffs" out interesting places & history of Indiana and then reveal them to his readers. He also enjoys gardening, US history & fiction. Website mossyfeetbooks.com/